(Last Updated On: 04/09/2018)

Some Tips When Preparing For Furniture Removal

Many people will say that you can save by preparing and having your own Furniture Removal into the self-storage unit. Furniture Removal can be very tricky, especially when moving large pieces, so it will definitely take a bit of preparation to ensure you do not damage your valuable furniture in the move. That being said, always listen to people who recommend that you hire a mover.

Hiring a mover for your Furniture Removal should not be the end of your responsibility, You should also take into account that you have to prepare your furniture as well. The following tips will help you prepare your furniture as well. The following tips will help you to prepare, safely move, and store your furniture.

Disassemble your furniture

When you are moving a furniture, the most obvious way to start it is to disassemble the furniture first. Disassemble every piece of furniture you possibly can. Your flat pack wardrobe will travel and store much better if it is in pieces. Keep the segments of each piece of furniture together and label each piece. Always dismantle your bed, taking the headboard apart from the rest. Most beds are easy to dismantle when you need to. Disassembling a furniture will help you have a bigger space for your moving truck.

Check doorways and hallways

Sometimes even if you have already disassembled a furniture, it will not still fit some doors and hallways so the safest thing to do is to check and measure all access areas. Measure and check the path before you lift the furniture. Make sure there is nothing you can trip over as you carry the heavy load. Remember, you may need to twist some furniture to take it out sideways, so give yourself a clear path.

Properly pack and protect your furniture

Protecting and packing your furniture properly will greatly help you preserve the condition of your furniture. You can use soft blankets and sheets to separate furniture pieces in transit. Ensure your furniture is roped or secured to the sides of the truck to prevent movement during the move.

Furniture Removal does not have to be difficult as long as you follow these tips. These tips may be few but it guarantees success for your furniture removal. You can be assured that you will have no dents or scratches. Follow these tips plus hire a professional mover that can perform a furniture removal in the most efficient and effective way possible. AS Removals is always keen to help you with any kinds of move. Visit us online today!