(Last Updated On: 31/05/2018)

Packing Boxes What To Do After The Move

Packing boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tea chests, cardboard boxes, and plastic boxes just to name a few. Finding good quality packing and moving boxes suitable for your move can be difficult. After you’re all settled in your new home, the packing boxes you used are often unwanted and just get in the way. They serve as your storage for your things when you move from one place to another. They are very useful until you’re finally settled in.

When you are in your new home, all things are unpacked and put in their right place. Then you are left with now are packing boxes that take up valuable space. These boxes can harbour small insects like cockroaches. They collect dust and may even be a fire risk as well as cluttering up your home. Some people will keep the boxes. Some have no idea what to do about them. If you are currently having that dilemma, this article might help you.

Here Are Some Things To Do With Packing Boxes

Give them away

You can give away used removalist boxes to your friends or any of your family members who currently need them. If you would like to get rid of your second hand boxes then this is a good idea. It’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to get rid of them without sending them to the tip. Recycling your boxes like this is not only good for the environment, you’ll be helping someone who needs them for packing.

Reuse or recycle

If you can reuse them somehow, do it. You can recycle them to look the way you want or maybe even use them as extra storage for your home. You can look for cute DIYs for recycling your boxes on Pinterest. When it’s finally recycled no one will know that it was an ugly almost unwanted box before you decide you recycle it. Remember, packing supplies like bubble wrap and packing beads can also be re-used.

Packing boxes stored in your garage

If you want to keep your boxes but want to keep your space as well, the best way to store it is to fold it and flatten the cardboard boxes. This makes it easy to store inside cabinets or your storage areas without eating up most of your space. Doing this will help you save money in case you plan on moving again in the future, you’ll have your boxes ready and you don’t spend your money again.

There’s a lot you can do with packing boxes, you just have to get creative and think outside of the box. If you are currently looking for boxes ideal for removals let us know and we can provide you with strong, high quality packing supplies. Just ask us!