(Last Updated On: 21/05/2018)

If you’ve got a small removals Sydney job that needs to be done we can help you. Some of our clients in Sydney have just a few things to move into their new home or office but because the items are fairly bulky or they just will not fit into a standard car we can help with a small removals job like this.  Our minimum rate covers a 2.5 hours so that means for a little investment, we can help your small move.

Small Removals Sydney Challenges

Time and access can be 2 very important factors that determine the cost of your small removals job. For example, if you choose a removalist with huge trucks they will not be able to get through many lanes and tight spots in Sydney. Our smaller trucks can easily accommodate situations like this with no worries about getting the items dropped or damaged.  Our trucks are also easily maneuverable in underground car parks found in many unit blocks and office blocks across Sydney or even through the tight back lanes in Sydney’s inner suburbs where large trucks are either not permitted or unable to drive in. So we can pick up and deliver your items parking close to your door which will also save time and money on your small removals job.

What if I’ve Only Got a Few things to Move

Another example of a small move is if you’ve just bought a few things from eBay or a garage sale like a lounge suite, beds, fridge or maybe an office desk. This will often mean you only have 1 or 2 items and will need to pick up from another 3rd party location where you bought the items from. No problem. Just let us know where you’re items are located and we can pick up for delivery to your home or office.

Small Removals Sydney Hourly Minimums

We have a small minimum of just 2.5 hours for small removals jobs. This means you won’t need a huge budget to move a few things. If you’re not sure how many hours it will take to move your home or office, just contact us and we can discuss a few details to give you an approximate figure.
It’s important to remember unlike some other Sydney removalists we do not charge you for the time it takes to drive to your pick up location. That’s right we only calculate our minimum starting from the moment we arrive at your door so your minimum time covers just about any small removals  Sydney job you may have, saving you time and money!