(Last Updated On: 18/04/2018)

Top 5 Packing Tips

When moving home or office, people often say packing is the worst part. Why do you think this is the case? It’s because it is the most common thing people agonise with as they plan and carry out their move. It’s not just the packing, but also the unpacking seems to be a painful process.  These Top 5 Packing Tips will help you in your next home or office move. 

We find most clients feel a lot less stressed when they leave the task of packing to a professional. Items typically packed for a move include personal items, fragile belongings and legal documents that are all especially important.

There are a few very important points to consider when selecting who you choose when hiring a Sydney removals team of professionals to pack and unpack your items and valuables.


Tip 1: If You Fail to Plan You’re Planning to Fail

Planning is probably the most important, this is why it’s the top of our Top 5 Packing Tips. With more than 15 years in the removals and packing industry, our team knows the best methods. These include organising your things to be packed in separate boxes, using professional materials including the right tape and boxes. Also using professional trolleys, blankets and straps are important for loading. We pack your home or office room by room. Then clearly label the boxes helping you identifying them easily when they arrive at your destination.


Tip 2: Protecting Your Stuff


Top 5 Tips For Packing Affordable Sydney Removals interior of truck packed with boxes small As professional packers, we understand you will have many items of value that you want to be packed safely. The use of purposely made packing material is a must. Use tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and strong durable moving boxes built to do the job efficiently. When packing your boxes any voids or empty space between your items should be sufficiently filled with packing material. This will prevent your items rubbing or hitting each other when your boxes are picked up or transported. If you shake your boxes and hear your items moving around your box has probably not been packed well. You should hear little or no noise when moving the box to prevent damage to your valuables.


Tip 3: Competency is the Key

When you are moving your home or office, time is of the essence. Wasting time drags out the removals job and also adds to the time you pay. So it’s important to use competent removal and packing team to make your move more efficient. Often when people choose to pack things themselves, a lot of time is wasted which will lead to costing you more. You must organise your items rooms by room. Sort soft items from the fragile ones, clothes from the pots and pans. Separate your liquid things like face creams and perfumes from your dry items like baby powder and flour. Use zip lock bags to place your wet items so there is no risk of leaking into the removals box. Once things are sorted properly, packing will become easier and quicker. This greatly assists when moving to your new location.


Tip 4: Minimise Your Foodstuffs & Clutter

Your fridge, freezer and pantry may be filled with food that will take up a lot of space in your move. Plan a few weeks ahead and use your cans and packets of food in your pantry. Use up as much as possible of your fresh foods in your fridge. If you have a lot of items lying around your office or home that you don’t use anymore, get rid of them. If unwanted things are useful for other people, give them to someone who needs them more than you. A perfect example of this would be kitchen gadgets, pots, pans, blankets and books. Cupboards filled with cooking items that you haven’t used for years may still be in perfect working order. Books you’ve already read may be perfectly good and interesting for others to read. Donate these items to your local charity like the Salvation Army or Saint Vincent De Paul Society. It will help others in need and you’ll feel better when giving. Please don’t dump your useless items at these centres. Use the right choice when getting rid of rubbish by throwing out unuseful things with your local clean up service. In the end, minimising your clutter by getting rid of them will save you money when moving.


Tip 5: Take Your Highly Valuable Small Items With You

This point is sometimes overlooked by people moving home or office. Small items like jewellery, watches and even cash should be carried with you and not left in boxes for a removalist to transport. If you’re not sure what else these items may include, just contact us before your move or ask us on the day. We want you to feel secure that your items, especially the most valuable ones, will all arrive safely at your destination.


A Final Word

These Top 5 Packing Tips are just a few considerations. Choosing a professional to pack and unpack your things will remove what many people regard as the worst part of moving. You’ll benefit from a more efficient, secure and stress-free move when you make this choice. Ask us today about how we can combine our packing services with your next move.