(Last Updated On: 05/02/2019)

Best Sydney Removalists Tips when Hiring in 2019

The new year has arrived and more than ever when it comes to moving, starting off on the right foot is made easier with removalists who best get the job done in a professional and convenient way. Take a look at our tips on how to hire the Best Sydney Removalists for your next move.

1. Choosing the Best Removalists in Sydney by their Experience

Removalists who have years of experience in Sydney will often be the best choice. There are a lot of considerations when hiring removalists and if you choose a team that is new to the industry, you may find they are not prepared to handle your job. This is an important part of an almost compulsory list of expectations you should look for when choosing the very best Sydney removalists.

2. Ask the Right Questions of your Removalists

This tip will help you calculate the most accurate cost expected.  Consider asking your removalists

  • How long they expect to transport all your furniture and items.
  • What do your removalists charge per hour?
  • At what point does the job begin?
  • Where do your removalists stop the clock?

3. Be Upfront with Your Removalists when Answering Questions

Listing everything openly that could possibly affect the removalists costs will always be the best approach. This way, the removalists will be able to offer alternatives if they are available and make your move a stress free choice. Some examples may include

  • If you have steps or if there is restricted access to your home tell the removalists.
  • If you are in a block of units is there lift access?
  • Is the lift only accessible during certain hours?
  • Is the lift large enough to contain your large furniture items?
  • Will nearby parking be available?
  • Are access roads to your locations restricted?
  • Are your large furniture items wider than the access doorways that your removalists will need to use?
  • How many large pieces of furniture do you have?
  • Will your removalists need to dismantle some of these large items?

All of the above will be fairly important to tell your removalists. So if any of these apply to your move, be sure to let your removalists know.

4. Check your Removalists Agreement plus the Terms & Conditions

It’s a good idea to check the removalists agreement. It should contain

  • The pickup address
  • The delivery address
  • The dates
  • The times
  • An inventory of items

These are probably the most important things you need to check in the agreement but there may be other considerations you need to take into account when choosing the best removalists for your move. This will depend on whether you are moving home or office. Local or interstate. Large or small. Consider all the options and if you’re not sure, just ask us.

5. Compare the Best Sydney Removalists by Asking for Recommendations

Look into different criteria before you decide which is the best removalist. Maybe you can ask family or friends about who they used. If you do know someone that used a removalist recently you can ask and what they learned from choosing a removalist? And what they thought made their removalists the best choice when they moved.

6. Submit Your info to the Removalists Online

Sometimes an online form can save you considerable time and will provide the removalists with the exact details needed. You can also call your chosen removalists. We offer personalised removalists services so when you call us, you will get to speak to the removalists one on one.

7. What You Should Ask When You Call Removalists

There are many questions you can ask when talking to removalists about your next job. So it’s a good idea to be prepared with a few notes. This will help you narrow down the list in choosing the best Sydney removalists. These may include:

  • How much do the removalists charge per hour?
  • How many minimum hours are needed for removalists services?
  • Are there different removalists rates for different trucks?
  • Do the removalists charge a call out fee or back to base fees?
  • Are there any hidden charges. These can include the number of stairs or surcharges for night moves and tollway charges. Make sure the removalists make these points clear up front to avoid being stung by inflated costs.

A couple of Extra Points to Remember after Your Move

Before we conclude this list for choosing the best Sydney removalists, we should make mention of just 2 points after your removalists job is done.

1. If All goes Well let your Removalists Know it

A job well done is worthy of a good review. So if your removalists do a great job, let others know by posting a positive review online. This is not only is a sign of thanks to your removalists, but it helps others know the quality of the service they can expect from the removalists you chose.

2. If There are Problems

After your job, if you have problems contact your removalists to discuss your concerns. Some examples can be missing or damaged items. These problems can arise especially if people have chosen to pack their own items instead of choosing a team to pack your items professionally.

So that’s it for now but we encourage you for your feedback, ideas or suggestions in choosing the best Sydney removalists. Think about what your expectations are or if you’ve chosen one, what were your experiences and we’d love to hear from you.