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Ready to Help with Your Office Move

Affordable Sydney removals are here to help with your next business or office move. We carry a full toolbox and can also help with the dismantling and reassembly of all of your office furniture and workstations.

Looking to Relocate Your Office?

As your business grows and your staff numbers expand, your office will get crowded quickly. Relocating your office with a move to a bigger space may be needed. Or maybe a new office location is needed to serve another local client base. If this happens to your business, Affordable Sydney Removals understands what’s needed to make your office move smooth. Our professional office movers will work around your office schedule, pack then unpack all your office equipment and boxes without the need to get your staff wasting time to do the job. Bulky items like furniture and office photocopiers can also be handled on our special purpose trolleys. We will move your office using blankets to cover and protect your items with no risk of damage. We can disassemble your large items for the move and reassemble when we arrive at your new office location.

Small Office Movers Sydney

Are you looking for office movers Sydney but you have just a small office with a few things to move? Or maybe you just need to rearrange your office with new furniture? We have it covered. Our affordable rates cover a minimum of two and a half hours. Unlike some other removalists, we don’t start the clock until we arrive at your office location. Saving you time and money.

Office Movers Sydney 7 Days a Week Service to Fit Your Schedule

Do you need to move your office over a weekend when your staff are not at work? No problem we offer office removals 7 days a week to minimise your downtime. Just tell us about what you need for your next office move and leave the rest to us.