(Last Updated On: 1/10/2019)

How To Select A Moving Company?

There are many several reasons why it might be time for you to move. Be it for education, work, business, etc. Moving homes can be a tricky process in terms of both emotions and physical strength. In such situations, it becomes essential to select a moving company or a removalist company that you can entirely rely upon without having to worry about any sorts of damage being caused to your property. Affordable Sydney Removals is one of the most excellent professional removalists in Sydney, dedicated to providing quality services.

Also, here are a few tricks in selecting the right furniture removalists.

  • A trustable moving company will analyse all your belongings to estimate the total weight manually or through a visual survey. All of your inventories such as furniture, cupboards, bookcases, etc. will also be taken into consideration thoroughly. Let them know of your requirements. This will help you and your removalist company come up with a fair price estimation of their involvement in the entire process. Make sure that you’ve made each and every point clear with your removalists in terms of pricing. You should be selecting a company that is transparent with their pricing.

  • It is important to note that a good moving company will not send an estimator directly to your home and simply suppose that all the things from your old house will go to the new one. He will instead ask you questions about what all items will be moving to your new home. An estimator from a reliable company will also suggest ways in which you can dispose of your belongings that are not moving to your new house. These ways include either selling them in a garage sale, donating to some old age homes or orphanages, or keeping it for the new homeowners.

  • Keep a safe distance from the removalist company that asks for a considerable amount for deposits. Most of the reputable and trusted removalist companies won’t ask for such deposits in cash before moving. We are stopping you from paying massive deposits because some fraudulent moving companies will never show up after you’ve made these deposits. However, some good and legitimate companies may still ask you to pay a minimal amount as a token money or security deposit. For this deposit, we would suggest you make a credit card payment to be on the safer side.

  • Avoid contracting with companies that have recently had their name switched. Some fraudulent companies operate under various gorgeous names to avoid legal suits filed against them. You have to perform a thorough background check and see whether the company has a local registered address or not.

  • Always ask for references before finalising a mover. You can definitely ask your moving company to give you at least 3 references from people who have recently sought their services. You can directly talk to them for a fresh and unbiased first-hand opinion. You can ask direct questions to those customers or references about how satisfied they are with the services. And how likely are they to recommend that particular removalist?

  • Try to avoid the packing cost by as much as you can. If not wholly avoided, you can always try to minimise it to a harmless extent. You should clearly communicate with your removalists about the packaging and labor costs involved. Often, the packagers simply ignore the capacity of big boxes and force-fill them, promoting damage or breakage of the contents inside the box.

  • If you are living on the ground floor and are moving to a flat on the tenth floor, you might be charged extra hidden fees when it comes to moving the inventory across the stairs if an elevator is not available.

  • Read all the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing a contract that has been mentioned in the agreement. Never ever sign a contract without reading and understanding each and every clause mentioned in it. Doing so will keep you far away from undesirable situations, which may result in low quality servicing. If you have any doubts about the contract, please feel free to talk to your removalist company. Also, ask your mover whether any additional fees will be charged to get the deal altered or find a solution to meet your concern.

  • All the reputed professional removalists in Sydney have some sort of value protection and moving insurance. However, the insurances are of two types. The first one is where the company will be liable to pay the full replacement value of the damage caused during the process of moving furniture with their personnel. The second is where only a particular portion of the total amount of the damage is rebated by the moving company. Hence, it becomes essential to understand what type of insurance coverage your contractor is offering.

Suppose you are seeking an Affordable Sydney Removals solution. In that case, all the points mentioned above are essential to take into consideration – we’re sure that you’ll find that we meet them well. If you are looking for a furniture removalist in parramatta , we are here to help you. Let us know if you would like more information.