(Last Updated On: 05/02/2019)

Last Minute Removals: 10 Tips That Will Save You Time & Money

A last minute removals job can be bewildering ahead of a moment that should be exciting when settling in your new home. The thought of a new home to live in should bring happiness. There are many essential removal things that need to be considered. And there are so many things to get done, confusion can set in. That’s why last minute removals tips and tricks are so important.

You’ve most likely planned not to leave everything to the last minute but sometimes the best-laid plans go astray. But you can rest assured we can help you with your removal needs. There’s no need to waste another minute worrying about your removals job when you use true professionals. This will not only give you a stress-free move but it will let you get back to focus on other things.

There are numerous answers for last minute removals. Some well-planned preparations and willingness to stick with it, you will succeed and efficiently move from your previous home to your next.

1. Gather Your Thoughts with a List

The first last minute removals tip is an important one. Make a list. If you haven’t prepared for your home or furniture removal there is still time. It’s done by going around your home and note the things you definitely want to take to your new home. As opposed to the items, furniture and other belongings you can do without. Maybe you can divide your list into 3 parts. Treasure, Giveaways and Trash. Visualising and organising these items with what you need to do will be easier once you write them down.

2. Start Early

The early bird catches the worm, we’re sure you’ve heard that before. You should start on things as soon as you can. This means getting up at the break of dawn to get stuck in. Yes, it can be difficult to get a start on things but once you do, you’ll appreciate it at the end. Not only will it allow you to carry on from the night before but it will give you lots of time for last minute or any surprises that may pop up.

Give some thought to go over some items that are easy to overlook like your chargers for your phones and devices plus your personal items and jewelry. Getting an early start will give you the luxury of going over things a second or even third time. We have done more than enough removals jobs to know that an early start in the morning is the better choice. Try it.

3. Collect Supplies Needed

This last minute removals tip is another you can’t forget. Supplies will make your removals job more efficient. Choosing the right boxes is probably the one thing above all others that will help your move. We use professional cardboard boxes that are strong and lightweight. These boxes are easier to load on our trolley and easy to stack in our trucks. If you choose us to pack for you, we will always use the best boxes for your job. Different size boxes to suit different items. Wardrobe boxes specially designed for your clothes. Other supplies you will need include packing materials, tape, markers, labels, packing paper and box cutters. You’ll need to have these all on hand at the last minute to ensure your removals job works.

4. Pack One Room at a Time

Packing all your items and valuables from your home can become an enormous and difficult task. This is why this last minute removals tip will make your life easier. If you move through your home one room at a time packing as you go you will find this method more structured and better organised. Dealing with packing items at random will become chaotic so move through your rooms one at a time.

Also, consider start packing the large things first and moving to the smaller things as you go. You can start with the large living or family areas in your home like the lounge room, living room and kitchen. Next pack your bedrooms, one by one and finish with your bathroom and ensuite. Getting to your smaller rooms last will make your last minute removals task less daunting and easier to achieve.

If a packing DIY job is out of the question, you can turn to a professional packing team. We can offer you a full packing and unpacking service or assist you with a portion of your job. The choice is yours. Just contact us for more details.

5. Make Use of All Your Area

Frequently overlooked during a last minute removal is utilising all the areas available to you. Ensure to pack all your smaller items into your larger areas. A good example of this is to pack smaller soft items or clothes into larger soft bags. You can go a step further by packing each of these soft bags into a larger one. Remember to make sure the final bag is a manageable weight and size so it can be handled easily.

If you have bags or luggage cases you use for travelling, pack them too. It makes good use of that space rather than wasting that space in empty bags. This will also minimise the number of items to move if you pack 20 things, for example, into one bag.

6. Fill New Garbage Bags with your Last Minute Removal Items

Garbage bags are large, cheap and usually bought in multiples of 20 or more to the packet. This makes it ideal for all your last minute removal bits and pieces. Towels, sheets, mats and even pillows can be packed like this. It will keep them clean and the bag weighs almost nothing so it won’t add to your load. It’s a good idea to label your bags clearly so you can quickly and easily unpack at the other end. If you also have a few dirty clothes that you haven’t managed to wash before your move, you can throw these into a separate dirty laundry bag too. It’s a good idea to make use of bags with a drawstring so you can close them securely and even reopen them to add things if you have a few extra last minute items. The ideal last minute removal solution.

7. Clothes Can Be Left on Hangers

Efficient last minute removals tips would have to include leaving clothes that you usually hang on their hangers. We can supply you will specially designed boxes that you can hang your jackets, dresses or coats in, just like a portable wardrobe. This will save you time folding and avoid creasing or damaging garments that you would usually hang. Why not make your removals job as easy as possible? This last minute removals tip is a must do.

8. Utilise Plastic Moving Boxes

Just about every supermarket, variety store or $2 shop have plastic boxes with tight-fitting lids. They come in various sizes and can be handled and stacked quite easily. Choose similar sizes and the right ones for their contents. They are cheap and can make your last minute removals jobs a breeze. You can then use these boxes to store items in your garage or workshop. They are almost airtight and keep your things dry and protected from dust and dirt.

9. Call in the Experts

Although some people may think using a professional Sydney removalist will be unaffordable, choosing to do it yourself could cost you more. That’s right, more time and money. If you are not experienced in the best packing and last minute removals methods, you may just end up paying more. Items not packed properly may get damaged. Poor quality boxes may fall apart. Not using specially designed removal trolleys can make your job harder to lift your boxes and the items may suffer damage. A professional removalist will have all these items on hand prepared and ready for use to make your last minute removals job stress free.

10. Seek Help if You Need It

You’ve probably heard of the old saying, many hands make light work. Well, that’s true for removals too. Gathering a team of willing helpers including family and friends to help you sort and pack will make your move easier. Choosing to do everything yourself when working to a strict deadline may cause you to run out of time at the last minute. And if your removals job is just too big for your team to handle, just ask us. We can do some or all your packing for you. Leaving you time to focus on more important things and relax.

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Last Minute Removals Conclusion

These are just the top 10 last minute removals tips we reckon you should remember. But there are more! If you take the time to go through each of these, you will find that in the end, your move was better than you expected even if you have left some of your tasks to the last minute.

Also, please remember you can contact us anytime for more details or questions about your last minute removals needs.