(Last Updated On: 05/08/2020)

Minimise the Stress of Moving with these Pro Packing Tips

Packing all your boxes and then removing them from the premise can be too hectic a job for one person. It especially tests the nerve when the removal is interstate. The hard work involved in the removal process drains away the enthusiasm that a person can have of shifting to a new place. Moving needs not only proficient packaging but also proper planning to ensure the safety of the items. Lack of planning will make the entire packing process more time-consuming than necessary, making an already possibly stressful time longer.

However, these moments of worry can be dealt with efficiently. According to a survey, proper planning has helped to minimise the level of stress. The following are some of the pro packing tips a person can take on to make the entire process as stress free and rewarding as possible—

1. Plan the Process

Make a note that a last-minute job is always going to be stressful and will probably drain most of your energy. Therefore, instead of getting caught up in last minute hassles, the experts from Affordable Sydney Removals recommend you make an overall plan, prepare a roadmap of getting there, and then proceed accordingly. An easy approach should be obtained, to plan and ascertain so that the professionals understand what is important, needs extra care and what items you want to leave behind or donate.

2. Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

When moving people often leave behind unwanted items. Experts advise that you should decide on what those unwanted items are beforehand to avoid a last-minute rush or frenzy when the time comes. Additionally, some people prepare to do list charts with all tasks broken down into easier detailed steps that are delegated and given deadlines for small tasks to perform through the week. The ultimate goal is to make the packing process as stress free as possible, so that the final move is a breeze. Therefore, from the very first day, experts recommend planning out what needs to be packed first and what can be packed later, or at the very end.

3. Focus on a Streamlined Packaging

Residing anywhere for a long time will surely result in an accumulation of a lot of trinkets, self-care products and other daily use items. However, it is necessary to draw a fine line between what really needs to be packed to be taken to a new place; from the especially important, least important, and ultimately items that can be disposed of. The professional packers and movers from Affordable Sydney Removals suggest separating items and then prioritising them accordingly. This eliminates a lot of stress.

We also suggest using this relocation as an opportunity to clean your house. This step will ensure that you have enough space in your new place, as well as letting the new resident properly settle in your old place without clutter.

4. Bank on Friends, Relatives, Professionals

Packing might look and seem like an easy task, until it is undertaken. Therefore, if you think a DIY job is all you need to get the removal you need smoothly, without a problem – you might be mistaken. Moving around heavy items incorrectly can be harmful to yourself or to your furniture. The cost of moving equipment can be really expensive if you’re looking to purchase. Therefore, when you need to pack heavy, sharp edged, oddly shaped or fragile items, you definitely need an expert’s touch. To that end, we recommend you seek help from the right professionals suited to the task, or relatives well experienced in the endeavour before the removal process costs you dearer.

Hiring the well able professionals ensures the safe packaging of your items, with their expertise and their vast resources in packaging: like bubble wraps, cartons, moving vehicles, etc.

5. Complete Packaging a Day Before

Packing your items, a day or a few before is a really valuable gift you can give yourself. It lets you slow down and enjoy the experience. You can properly say goodbye to place you have literally been living in for years. Cherish the memories you made in every room, and in the backyard, and on the lawn. Better yet, commemorate the event with family and friends. And give yourself time to relax and rest on the last day before the final move.


There are many other ways a person can take up at their convenience to make moving less stress free, and more efficient or fun. Follow the golden rules for packing and relocating, and make the entire process stress free and memorable in the best of ways. So, you will not end up missing any important items or missing your old place for too long - with the proper opportunity to close a chapter.

Hire the professionals in the field for an experience that really puts a cherry on top. Affordable Sydney Removals has been in the field for years, catering to great packing and moving. We help save our clients time and money during this important transition. Get in touch with us for the best moving experience.