(Last Updated On: 05/09/2020)

Moving Heavy Items? Don’t Break Your Back!

When you are moving heavy furniture, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. As your furniture removal services provider would tell you, it is always easier to push such heavy objects rather than to pull them. So, if an item is so heavy that you cannot lift it, it is better to push it than pull it or lift it up. Always ensure that you have created a cushion on the floor with old blankets or newspapers. Otherwise, pushing would damage your floor.

How to move heavy items with legs?

If you have a heavy item or furniture such as a couch – one that has legs – there is a certain way to go about in moving it.

You can ask your furniture moving service to lay the item on its side and back. After that, you can slide it slowly and thus safely move it. If the legs of the item or furniture do not fit the floor you might as well remove them. At times, you may have to move some massive items like couches and enormous armourers through the windows if they are not fitting through the doors. In these cases, you would have to use a lot of ropes.

You can always trust your furniture removalist in these cases. They would move those heavy items with the highest efficiency.

How to move the heavy kitchen items?

Your kitchen has plenty of heavy items such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, and dishwashers. These heavy items need extra care while moving them from one place to another, as you rely on them for their technical function.

How to move heavy items down the stairs?

If you are looking to move heavy items down the stairs, you can use two wooden boards as ramps. Here you must ensure that there are at least 2 people to help you with such movement.

The best thing to do in these cases is to get help from furniture removalists in Northern Beaches. You can also place the heavy object in question on a heavy blanket or quilt. After that, you move it down but control its descent with your shoulders even as you are backing down. When you are doing so you can lift the edge of the skid a bit with your hands.

How to move to big TVs?

If you want to move a big LCD (liquid crystal display) or plasma TV, you should first cover them with blankets or furniture pads.

It is advisable that you do not try to move these items by yourself. Get the help of professional furniture removal services providers for such work.

Using your brains rather than your brawn

It is always better that you try and think the entire process over before you even lift a finger in such a case. Ask yourself if the fridge would fit through the doors or would you have to place it around a corner. Measure it to determine if it would fit through the doors or not. Then you can exercise a removal with skill.

If need be, you may have to remove the kitchen doors too. In such cases, you may also need to remove the fridge’s doors when you are moving it. Find out what the user manual says about this. You also have to determine if you can lift an item by yourself or if you would need the help of professional furniture moving service providers. You can get help from friends too. Some tools can help you in such work. Keep in mind that if you have even the slightest doubt about your capability to lift such heavy items, it is better to not go ahead with it. Your health and safety are always paramount.

Get the help of a furniture removalist to do the work. Otherwise, you could damage your back or break a bone. You may also damage the object in question seriously or anything that comes in its way. Any of these issues can cost you a lot of money, pain and time.

Removing only as much as you can

You can always make moving such bulky items easier by removing attached parts. You should never move a desk if its contents and drawers are still within the same. Rather, you should first empty the shelves and drawers, and also remove them if you can. The less chance of falling or sliding around, the better. Affordable Sydney Removals has the tools and techniques to move heavy furniture safely without damaging them. You can completely rely on us for quick and safe furniture moving service. Contact us for more information.