(Last Updated On: 26/06/2018)

Moving Home Checklist by House Removalist in Sydney

When you decide it’s time to move home, there are a lot of things to consider. We have listed many of these important points here so you can use them as a moving home checklist of your own.

A Few Months Before Your Move

Four Weeks Before Your Move

  • If you plan to move to or from an apartment that has an elevator, check if there is a timetable for elevator use.
  • If a timetable for your elevator is in place, reserve a time to coincide with your move.
  • Contact Australia Post to re-direct your mail.  It’s important to do this a few weeks in advance because it can take some time to organise.
  • Contact your utility provider companies eg: power, gas, telephone, internet service providers. Let them know what date you are moving so they can disconnect your services.
  • Contact your bank and other relevant companies that often send you mail and advise them of your change of address.
  • Redirect subscriptions like magazines or newspaper deliveries to your new address.
  • Advise your accountant or your tax agent of your change in address.
  • If you run a business from home, you will need to contact ASIC to amend the details of your home business address.
  • If you have pay TV like Foxtel, for example, you’ll need to advise them of your change of address too.

 Two – Three Weeks Before Your Move

  • Sort all the unwanted items you have chosen earlier and arrange a garage sale. You can lest them quite easily on gumtree or eBay at a very little cost.
  • Donate any unwanted gifts to a local charity like St Vincent De Paul or the Smith Family. Charities like these will put many of your preloved items to good use with other people less fortunate than you. Not only will it make you feel better, you’ll also save money on your move.
  • Clear out and clean all your kitchen cabinets and storage units.
  • It’s a good idea to return library books and other borrowed items to friends and family.

Seven Days Before Your Move

  • Start packing everything you will not use in the coming week.
  • Any delicate or fragile things will need to be wrapped properly. We recommend the use of tissue paper and bubble wrap where needed. We can also offer to do the wrapping for you.
  • Consider disassembling large pieces of furniture like bookshelves and dining tables. Remember, we can disassemble these items for you to ensure it’s done properly.
  • Label each and every box that you want to be moved, clearly. This will make it a lot easier to sort before the move and when you unpack at your destination. It’s a good idea to leave these boxes close to your widest door so the removalist can access and pick them up easily.
  • Any unwanted items you still have can be packed in boxes too. Ensure these boxes are also clearly labelled so you don’t mix them up with the items you want to keep.
  • Arrange suitable moving cages or boxes for your animals. Your cat, dog or budgies will appreciate a good plan that will accommodate their move comfortably. Your pets will need to travel with you, so make sure you are prepared.
  • Indoor and outdoor pot plants will also need to be considered. If the plants are large, ensure they are secured sufficiently in the pot. Sufficient water will be needed to avoid your plants suffering from stress. If your moving day is hot, plants will not survive well in a truck so consider your alternatives.

The Day Before Moving Home

  • Prepare any of your valuables that you will take with you. For your own security, we advise you take these in your own car so there will be no question of their location.
  • Put aside any delicate and fragile items and if they are packed in boxes make sure the boxes are clearly labelled “Fragile”. Point these items out to your removalist so special care can be taken when handling.
  • Disconnect any electronic items as soon as you can. For large LED TV’s, it’s always best to pack them in their original boxes. But if you don’t have them, let us know and we will use specially designed blankets and soft materials to protect them.

On the Day of Moving Home

We will always contact you to confirm your move before we arrive at your location. This is usually done the day before or on the morning of the move. Make sure to discuss any special requirements with us., If you’re not sure about anything, it’s best to ask so we can best accommodate your needs.

  • Ensure we have easy access to your property.  Clear the passage to your door and leave driveway unobstructed too. This will allow our removalists to use their trolleys and save you time and money.
  • Have all your items ready and organised for our removalists. Leaving boxes or items spread all over your home will make take longer to load our trucks.
  • You can watch over our work as we move your items and boxes to ensure we take everything needed.
  • When our removalists have finished loading our trucks, perform a quick check through your home. Double checking everything will help avoid leaving anything behind.
  • Turn off lights, power and secure your home before leaving. If you have keys for the new occupants, leave them in a pre-arranged secure place.

Arriving at Your New Home

You are finally at the last stage of moving home but there are a few things left to be done.

  • Check over all your items and boxes to ensure everything has arrived as expected. If you notice any missing items, notify your removalist as soon as possible.
  • Large items of furniture will need to be arranged in the correct rooms and positions. Discuss this with your removalists so the items can be placed correctly and save you moving furniture yourself later.
  • Ensure you discuss any extra items you need re-assembled or moved before the removalist finishes your job.
  • Speak to your removalist and make payment as agreed.