(Last Updated On: 31/05/2018)

Furniture Moving Companies Sydney

Moving large furniture like beds, entertainment units, tables and bookshelves are too big to fit through a standard front doorway. Even an elevator is a problem so the best solution may be to disassemble some furniture to move it. This will also help pack our trucks efficiently and save you money. We can then re-assemble your furniture at your new location. Some pieces are relatively simple to dismantle and reassemble, while others require expert skills. These large furniture items may include


Many homes these days have large beds and that’s why they’re at the top of our moving large furniture list. There are of course many sizes and varieties but most are bulky and often difficult to handle. The most popular beds include wooden, metal or iron frames and matching bed heads. Wood slats and spring ensembles are also popular and need special attention to move. Bunk beds and trundle beds need to be disassembled carefully so they can be reassembled at your destination. Waterbeds need to be emptied from the bed or it’s simply impossible to move. Special care needs to be taken to pick up the bed, wrap it and carry the bed to avoid damage to it or the home.

Dining Room Tables

Family homes usually have a dining room table accommodating 2 to 12 people or more. Moving large furniture like this usually means we need to remove the legs carefully by turning the table upside down and resting it on carpet or a blanket to avoid damage to the table surface, unfastening the legs paying attention to how the legs are attached so reassembly is correct. If legs are not removed it is almost impossible to get big heavy tables through doorways and tight corners.

Entertainment Units, Cabinets & Bookshelves

A lot of entertainment units cabinets and bookshelves we have moved in the past are tied or screwed together in some way when they were installed. These will need to be disassembled correctly before we can pack and load them into our truck so we always recommend we assist you with this unless you are 100% confident of handyman or woodwork duties. Moving large furniture like this incorrectly will sometimes lead to damage to the furniture that is hard to repair.

Bedside Tables & Dressers

Although these units can be small enough to fit through a standard doorway, special consideration has to be given to their contents. Drawers must be cleared and packed to avoid damage and assure proper handling. Mirrors are commonly fitted to dressers and apart from the 7 years bad luck you’ll get if you break the mirror, a broken mirror is dangerous and will not only create a mess but be costly to replace.

Moving large furniture and disassembling these items yourself is an option but leaving to a professional removalist with save you time and get you better results.