(Last Updated On: 12/08/2020)

Steps To Minimise The Risk Of Coronavirus While Moving Houses

Right now, all around Australia, there is a second wave of COVID-19. The situation in states such as New South Wales and Victoria is so dire that they have had to go for the second phase of lockdown to save lives. This is affecting business as people are considering cancelling all the required services. They are afraid of the lack of safety with having other people on the premises. Risk doubles when you must move houses and there is physical work involved. We know there is a high chance for people performing the physical work in the removal and shipping industry to contract and spread the virus.

Below are the steps you can follow to minimise the risk and make your move safe and successful during this pandemic:

  • Catching Up on Coronavirus Rules

The first and foremost thing is gaining immense knowledge about this deadly disease and its spread. Make sure you are aware of all the risks and facts involved and know how it spreads. Then only you will be able to keep yourself and your family safe. Also, make sure you are aware of the coronavirus rules at your new place. If you are moving to the same city, then things won’t change but if you are moving somewhere else, then you need to know ahead of their rules and regulations.

  • Double Check with your Moving Company

If you are using a moving company for your move, then double check the removal services that you are going to use and make sure they adhere to all the safety protocols. Talk to your movers and ask about their policies and procedures they are following to maintain the safety in this pandemic. Cross check with them the safety measures they have in place for their staff and the trucks they are going to use for the move.

  • Be extra Cautious During Your Move

Having movers in your house requires extra precaution. Make sure, the movers have their mask and gloves on all the time of move. It is also a good idea to keep extra mask and gloves with you in case someone requires it. Having disinfectant wipes is another safety measure you can take. Wipe down all the boxes, furniture, and other items before-hand. Also, wipe down the doorknobs, handles and other areas that are touched by movers. You should also have a sanitizer handy all the time. This will help you reduce the risk of coronavirus keeping you safe.

  • Arrange for Pets

If you have a pet at home, then you should make advance arrangements for your pet. Keeping them at home during your move can make the things more stressful in this pandemic. You can look for the boarding services or can ask your friends or family to look after them while you are busy settling the things down ad once you are settled down, you can get your furry friend back. Also, make sure you are following all the hygiene while petting them.

At Affordable Sydney Removals, we have taken several steps to make sure that we can limit the spread of Coronavirus throughout the removal. Among them is we have instituted a strict hygiene protocol that we unfailingly adhere to, especially while we are visiting clients. The changes we have made are aimed at keeping you, your family, and our staff safe. We have also come up with a plan to deal with emergencies as and when they arise. With that said, we have a clear idea of what we would do if any of our employees contract the disease in the worst-case scenario. This is all works into our master plan to combat this virus. So, we can help you move, relocate and store furniture with good peace of mind.

  • Providing constant information to our employees and managers

We are always keeping abreast of the latest instructions from the Australian Government and Institute of Health and Welfare. We are also giving all this information to our managers and employees regularly and with every update. This way our staff know how to keep themselves, and you and your family safe, while they diligently do their work. We understand how important it is to properly communicate in such a troubled time, so we’ve made sure this is an area we’re strong on.

  • Reaching out to the customers

We wish to assure you that we are taking all the precautions recommended and this includes the most stringent vehicle safety policy. We clean and sanitise all our vehicles, offices and warehouses thrice a day.

To get a quote for your upcoming home or office removals, you can contact us at 0411 722 567 and we will be happy to assist you in your move.