(Last Updated On: 16/10/2020)

What Are The Downsides Of Moving Heavy Furniture On Your Own ?

Moving your house involves so much time, physical effort, and emotional and mental stress. The real challenge comes when it is time to move heavy objects like your furniture and electronics. In such situations, there are undoubtedly many risks involved; both to your furniture and to your health.

Here are some of the potential risks you need to consider if you are thinking about moving furniture on your own:

5 Risks you carry when moving heavy items on your own

1. Risk of Damaged Belongings

Moving your furniture when you are moving homes involves packing it, transporting it to your new home, unpacking it and cleaning it for use. However, the entire process is quite tricky, and you might harm your belongings if you are not seeking help from professional furniture removalists in Sydney to assist you throughout the process.

Moving your furniture, or any other heavy equipment requires professionals because they come with all the tools needed to disassemble and move your furniture pieces safely, and without the risk of damage.

2. Risk of Running Out of Time

Needless to say, moving furniture is quite a chaotic mission. A lot of time will be wasted when it comes to moving furniture on your own if you don’t seek professional guidance and assistance.

Firstly, plan a strategy where and pen down your answers to these things:

  • What are all the things you need to move?
  • How will the items be impacted by the move and what are you doing to prevent that?
  • What is your mode of transportation?
  • Exactly when is the date the vehicle arrives?

Also, take note that if you are moving to a different city it might take a day or two for your furniture to reach your destination from the source city.

All these critical things need to be figured out if you are planning to move your furniture on your own, and unfortunately, it will take you a lot of time and effort. On top of this, you will need to dedicate time into packing your items on your own. So, in order to save up on your valuable time, make sure that you hire professional furniture removalists in Sydney for your move.

3. Risk of Damaging the Property

Moving the furniture on your own involves a high risk of damaging the property in different ways. During the process, you might scratch the hardwood floors, break tiles, dent, or chip walls, or affect the railings in a way that may lead to extra costs. Moreover, you may even hurt yourself or someone you love. To combat this situation, it is always highly recommended to hire professional furniture removalists in Sydney.

4. Risk of Physical Injuries

As already touched on above, if you are planning to move things on your own you might cause yourself some serious physical injuries. For instance, if you bend forwards lifting a bulky sofa or a dining table, you may hurt your back; some severe injuries like a fracture can happen. So, it is essential to keep a few things in mind while doing so:

  • Calculate the weight that you can lift with the help of your furniture removalist.
  • Don’t shy away from seeking help.
  • Use the appropriate equipment used in packing, moving, and raising furniture pieces.
  • Keep the exit pathways clear and free from any obstacles.

To keep yourself far from stress and strain, it is a wise decision to hire Affordable Sydney Removals to take care of every bit with their highly professional team.

5. Risk of Monetary Loss

If you are planning to move houses on your own to save on costs, you might be surprised to hear that it still may incur some deal of loss. You might have to take unpaid leave to plan, move, and unpack your belongings which will eat up into your time and lead to a loss of remuneration. Then there comes the list of additional costs that you will have to pay for. These include moving tools, boxes, rent of a moving truck, fuel, road tolls, fuels, vehicle insurance if you are planning to move to a new city. If any of your products gets damaged during the transit process, then that also costs you in replacement or repairs. Cumulatively it unnecessarily adds up and you might end up spending way more than what you were bargaining for. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to hire professional furniture removalists to take care of everything without giving you any hint of stress. That way, you can also stay on top of your budget and can avoid unexpected surprises.

Here Are Some Safety Tricks to Assist You in Moving Your Furniture

  • Carefully disassemble your furniture.
  • Use the right technical equipment.
  • Take extra care when it comes to lifting heavy products.

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