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How Do You Fight The Fear Of Moving House?

Moving to a new house is easily perceived as both one of the most challenging and exciting times of your life. It can also be a nerve wrecking and dreaded task for many and combating the sudden change in your life can be even more challenging – even more than the move itself. However, it is essential to seek out ways in which you can nullify the fear or reservation of moving homes, especially when it is essential.

The anxiety and fear is very natural, after all changes can be a scary thing. And grand changes can be quite confronting.

Let us go over and address some of your concerns about moving homes in Sydney:

You’re scared of being scammed or overcharged

One of the natural ways fear can strike in this regard, is the possibility of being charged more than the actual market rates by the house removalists in Sydney. The fear of being overcharged often comes in advance before you have even given any real thought to hiring a professional removalist. You probably have heard many horror stories about people who have been conned by their moving companies in terms of the price quoted. This is because many companies or contractors have hidden fees behind the actual quotation, which comes into action only after the job has been done.

In order to combat this fear, you can go to the market, compare the quotes from at least three or four companies. Thoroughly research their services, check their reviews and talk to the contractor concerned about breaking the pricing quotations down for you, so that you can understand it better.

You’re scared of your belongings getting damaged during the process

Moving your house means moving all your sentimental and precious possessions from your old home to the new one. The fear of those prized and possibly delicate possessions getting damaged beyond repair, stolen, or stained could be enough send chills down your spine.

To combat this fear, we highly recommend you follow some of our great tips for packing and moving fragile items. One of the ideal ways is to inform your moving company about all the furniture or items you can concerns about, so that they can be treated with the utmost attention and care. They might even be able to explain to you their method, and quickly release you from these fears. After these items are packed away safely, you can also always stick a ‘fragile’ tag on it.

You’re scared of running low on time

Moving to a new house is a challenging and tiring job. It’s even more difficult for people who are always working. By the time the actual day of moving has come around, you might not even know what to do in this regard, while entertaining all the ways you could lose precious time. Then all of a sudden, you start feeling like you are running behind your schedules. It can be easy to worry about if you can pack everything away on time, or about how long it will take to move al the boxes.

The only way you can battle this fear is to prepare a full proof plan for your packing and moving schedules. Make sure to also keep all the distractions and delays into consideration. Plan this in your calendar well in advance to avoid unforeseen and undesirable occurrences.

You’re scared of missing the old house that you’re leaving behind

Moving to a new house and leaving the old one behind is a hard ask, and you may not adapt right away. It could mean leaving behind a place where you grew up or watched your children do so, where you made many memories with loved ones, and whatnot. You have become so familiar to the smell of your old home and the comfort it provided you, that being in an open new place with no furniture, a new scent and a lot of boxes can just feel strange.

In addition to that, there is usually a spot in your house that you usually could go to before to bring you calmness and clarity. And leaving this all behind could feel pretty impactful, even if/when you’re moving up in life.

There’s no hard and fast way to tackle this situation, it just takes time. After you spend more time in your new house, the smell will become familiar and possibly unnoticed, you will find new places in or around your home that really become your own, and it’ll start feeling more like home.

You’re afraid but you don’t know why

While you’re looking into hiring a removalist or waiting for the day to come around, you might even feel afraid for no reason. This is actually not in fact fear; it’s just nerves. You could also be feeling excitement, sadness or a mix of different things in leaving the place you have known for so long behind and moving to a new house. Possibly, you’re also moving to a new suburb, town or state altogether, which can mean a lot of new things to get used to. As already mentioned, moving away from your old home to a new one is one of the extraordinary life events that awaits us. It definitely has an effect on your mental, emotional, physical, and psychological state, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad one. While you’re closing a door, remember you’re opening a new one.

However, with all this in mind, you don't need the added stress or hassle from doing all yourself or hiring incapable house removalists in Sydney. Hence, make sure you select the best house moving company in Sydney that is dedicated to transparency and serving you well.

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